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        How should PPC air box pulse dust collector keep heat

        The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:173  Date of Issue:2021-11-22

        PPC air box type pulse dust collector in the use of the process, maintenance and maintenance is a link. Especially its box part, should pay attention to daily maintenance. For the box body of air box type dust collector, the inside and outside parts should be maintained step by step.

        If you want to maintain the box of bag filter, you need to do external maintenance first. External maintenance is mainly to check paint, rain leakage, bolts and surrounding sealing. For high temperature, high humidity gas, in order to prevent condensation, generally in the external with rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene insulation layer. Secondly, it is necessary to carry out internal maintenance. The maintenance of the interior of the box is mainly to pay attention to the selection of paint, timely coated in corrosion or corrosion of the parts. In general, because the purification gas is mostly acidic, so choose epoxy resin acid resistant coating more.

        PPC air box type pulse dust collector how to keep heat:

        1, the thermal insulation material meets the thermal insulation performance, after thermal insulation (the ambient temperature is not higher than 25 degrees, the external surface temperature of the thermal insulation structure is not more than 50 degrees; When the ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees, the external surface temperature of the insulation structure is 25 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Thermal insulation structure should be complete in the design service life, in the use of the process is not allowed to appear burned out, rotten, peeling phenomenon. Thermal insulation structure should have sufficient mechanical strength, in the dead weight, vibration, wind and snow under the action of additional loads will not be damaged.

        2. The insulation layer should be smooth and beautiful after insulation (after insulation, the plane does not leak reinforcement, reinforcement is flush with the outer protective plate, and the outer layer is set with the insulation structure of air flow layer).

        3, especially in the reinforcement of measures not to overtemperature, insulation construction in the dust collector after air tightness inspection or experiment can be constructed.

        4, insulation is used in any weather conditions, so the laying of the shell protection board is conducive to drainage.

        5. The insulation structure requires no less than 8 self-locking gaskets per square meter, and the horizontal spacing of core-pulling aluminum rivets is 200MM.

        6, the thickness of the insulation layer is 100MM, each reinforcement is 50MM, thermal insulation material selection of high temperature glass wool (TYPE1000, δ=50), in the direction of the thickness of two layers laid, the layer should be a joint, the joint distance is not less than a third of the board length or width, spelling should be tight and smooth, high temperature glass wool outer layer should be laid galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, Hold it down with a self-locking gasket. The steel plate net is laid at the lower part of the small ash bucket, and then the self-locking gasket is pressed. The insulation of the mortal mouth and the transmission device does not affect the opening of the door and the operation of the equipment.

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